Favourite fictional character – Day 4 of the June challenge

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One thing I loved about primary school was that half an hour at the end of the day when the class would read a novel together. It may be a thing of the past now in primary schools, but it certainly cemented my love of stories and books. The teacher would hand out parts, she would read the non-dialogue part of the story and if you were a competent reader then you would be given a part.

When we read Watership Down I played the part of Hazel, the lead rabbit in the story. But, from the start of the book I wanted to be Bigwig. Bigwig

Bigwig is the large, strong rabbit and has a distinct tuft of hair. Not only does Bigwig look different from the other rabbits, he is fearless, a great leader and friend, and he also has a sense of humour. On the arrival of General Woundwort into the story, I found myself feeling fearful for those main characters, but surprisingly always felt safe as reader whenever Bigwig was around. He is such a courageous character and will often put himself in harm’s way to protect the others around him. For those characteristics alone, he is one of my favourite fictional characters.

It was many years ago that I read that book with my classmates, but I’ll always be fond of it, and Bigwig was one of the first characters that I became aware of and I remember never wanting the bell to ring, so I could find out whether he survived the wrath of Woundwort.

Bigwig v Woundwort

3 June 2013 – What I do best

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Day three of the http://www.writesofluid.com blog writing challenge. One blog post a day for all of June! A big challenge when I can barely write one blog per month at the moment.

Today’s topic is a tough one and I’ve spent all day thinking about what the best answer would be. So, who is the authority on all things me –  my other half. As the person who knows me best – if he can’t enlighten me then nobody can.

After the initial, “is this a trick question?” “I really can’t win with this one can I?” and “nagging!” he did spend a few minutes thinking about the question. Oh, and he didn’t say nagging either, he wouldn’t dare.

The obvious ones are organising the family, making sure the school trips are all paid for, remembering important dates  etc which to be honest, isn’t that what being a mother is all about anyway?

Now I don’t mean to be sexist as there are a lot of very able fathers who all do that too. However, when running a busy family, as our family is it does require one person to steer that ship and it could have been either of us. However, the control freak in me being a typical virgo does not like relinquishing any responsibility to anybody else because if things don’t happen, or are forgotten I would rather blame myself than be frustrated with anyone else. Plus, the other half likes to not have to think about those kinds of things either.

So, getting off the subject slightly. What do I do best?

Well the other half tells me that I good at being incredibly focused and disciplined when it comes to my hobbies and studies. He states that I always seem to have enough time to study both for my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, play netball, run, work the day job, meet up with friends and still engage with the family life too. It was a nice thing to say, and I guess he is right.

busy mother

Maybe then, the thing I do best is to hide my emotions and sheer panic of not having enough hours in the day to do everything that I want to do, if I seem to make it look like a breeze.

I also seem to be able to write more when I have deadlines to work to.  This writer’s prompt a day challenge is certainly helping me move away from procrastination and not only am I writing these blog entries but I’m story outlining my comedy drama every evening too.

Happy June days.

Pulling hair out

2 June 2013 – This month’s aim

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Following on from my previous blog in which I am undertaking http://www.writesofluid.com challenge of blogging every day in June. The site has a specific topic for the writer to scribe about.

The topic for the 2 June 2013 challenge is this month’s aim.

This one will be short and brief.

I have a portfolio for my masters degree due in on the 21 June and I am hoping and praying that I finish that piece of work in time – therefore that is this month’s aim.

The portfolio is a selling document for my idea for a six part comedy drama that I will be writing from September onwards. I have a one page treatment, two page treatment, four page outline, character biographies, the pilot episode and finale episode in step outline format, plus I have to write a two thousand word self-reflective essay on how I found the whole process.

These pieces of work have been produced over the semester, to which I received feedback from my tutor and my peers but now I have to rewrite them following on from the feedback. I know I will do it, but I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to make sure that although I am working on this, that it doesn’t affect the time I spend with my children, or at least I limit how much it affects on time with them.

cap and gown