What makes me cry : Challenge 25

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onions chillies

Onions. Those mother-truckers never fail to make me weep.

Cutting up fresh chillies, not washing my hands properly and then scratching my eyes. Ouch – my eyeballs are twitching just thinking about this one.

Kids. When I used to watch my kids perform in their primary school assemblies. Not sure they believed the “Durr it’s a dusty hall and my eyes are sensitive” line.

Sport. Watching/hearing human emotion in a sporting arena. I cried when I heard Sebastian Vettel being told by Christian Horner on the radio that he had won his first world championship (Formula 1 for any non-fans), Michael Phelps at the past two Olympics and Mo Farrah winning his Olympic gold. And yes the floodworks were in full swing two weeks ago when Rafa Nadal won the French Open. I think I cried twice during that broadcast, when he won and then when he was being interviewed. Oh dear.Michael Phelps


Love Actually. The scene where the dad and his son go chasing through Heathrow Airport to tell the son’s crush that “she’s the one”. Every time I watch that film I have to get myself ready for that scene. I can feel the other family members watching me as I hide my head under a pillow, sniffing away and trying to convince them “I’m not crying – blimey how many times have I watched this film? I’m not a saddo” – cue the blowing of the nose.

love actually

Les Miserables. The song “Bring him Home”. Speaking to Les Miserables I have to see a performance when I haven’t wept like a baby at the end, and I’ve seen it live five times now. Thank goodness I had an empty bucket of popcorn on my lap when I saw the movie as it was snot city on the third row.

les mis

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