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The majority of women (myself excluded) won’t leave the house if they’re not wearing an inch of fake tan, foundation, lip gloss and mascara – let alone pose in front the camera with no make-up on.

But you cannot fail to notice that in the past twenty-four hours there has been an outbreak of some so-called selfies featuring women wearing no make-up. Well those who are brave enough to do it anyway using the #NoMakeUpSelfie hashtag.

Hour upon hour my timeline was filling up with these photographs and it really got me thinking about whether these images were actually doing anything to raise awareness for Cancer Charities.

After all, it’s easy to jump on the band wagon and post a photograph.

Posing without make-up on is no big deal for me. I wear very little make-up anyway, for two reasons, the first being that I’m just really lazy and cannot be bothered spending time in front of the mirror. The second being that I am quite comfortable in my skin that I don’t need to hide behind any masks (well not yet anyway).

However, I do like to have a bit of a joke so I did cheat a little with my #NoMakeUpSelfie. Therefore totally contradicting my last paragraph about not hiding behind any masks.

But, my selfie would actually encourage raising awareness of cancer by giving the text number of how people can donate. Whether people donate or not is fine with me, but we’ve all probably known somebody who has been affected by cancer in our lives.Selfie

It is a great way to promote such a worthwhile cause, especially as social networking sites can be used negatively these days and it has been reported that cancer charities have seen an increase in donations since yesterday.

I think it’s time for the males to come up with something similar to raise awareness for testicular cancer. Who’s brave enough to come up with that one?

Happy New Year

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged on here, and to be honest I feel a bit bad about that.

A couple of reasons really, I’ve been busy writing two plays and continueing with all the other writing commitments that I have. I’m struggling with an ongoing back problem which has made it just bareable to carry on working, but leaving me exhausted in the evening and just being damn right lazy.

I’m still to blog about my trip to NYC, the saga with my ailing back and my Christmas radio play.

For the person who read a review I did about a certain play that I endured at The Lowry who went on to say that I was a frustrated writer and hadn’t finished anything. Well I have and I had a radio play broadcast four times over Christmas. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Eve. I’m also well on my way to writing two out of six episodes of my comedy drama “The Starr GIrls” – yes you read it here first. Determined to get those finished and hopefully graduate this year with my MA in Television and Radio Scriptwriting, unless my back gets in the way. It would be a fabulous achievement to have completed my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in my thirties.

With the new year comes those awful new years resolutions. What is it that a different day, brings with it a time of reflection and the need to change things about oneself.

I don’t like new years resolutions – I much prefer to set myself targets. That way if I fail miserably I won’t feel like such a failure which I think with resolutions you do. I know, it’s the same thing really isn’t it?

What are yours? I love finding out from people.

I’m going to be joining weightwatchers again on Thursday – along with half of the population I suspect. I don’t know what’s happened to me in the past 18 months but my will power got up and left me, and with it it’s left some extra flab and a horrendous sweet tooth. I managed to lose a couple of stones before I started the job where I am now. But overtime it’s slowly crept back on. Not helped with having to decrease my exercise when my back started giving me hell shortly after returning from holiday in September. So back to fat club I will go, back to counting points, being hungry and if I am a grumpy cow at the moment it will get worse when my belly is screaming out for snickers and custard creams.

Facebook. Oh yes indeed this one rears it’s ugly head as I realise how much time I spend reading posts every day. I have eased myself off posting things on there other than posters, captions etc but I do need to stop reading it before I get up in the morning. It winds me up – full of attention seekers, show offs, baby bores or moaners. I much prefer twitter and have a fondness for a number of my followers, but just love the way I can watch TV and find out the opinion of others who are watching the same show as me. Powerful stuff.

I’ve already mentioned trying to pass my degree this year. I’m also going to try and not be a doormat that certain people in my life only contact when they want something. In future I am going to put myself first, and to stop tieing myself in knots to try and please folk.

Every payday I am going to treat myself to an item of clothing. Over Christmas I have looked through my wardrobe which is full of clothes which I never wear anymore, clothes that are faded and tattered. I have a couple of pairs of shoes and that is all. I realise that I really need to invest in making myself feel better about myself and it starts with clothes. A woman of my age should not live in converse, and work shoes – have no clothes to go shopping in other than jeans and a hoodie. No more, I wouldn’t think twice about spending money on my kids so it’s time to spend a little on myself.

And that’s it. There’s enough there to keep me going in 2014. We’ll see how many I actually achieve by the time I reach the end of this year. But, no matter what I do or don’t achieve this year one thing I did do was finally go to New York City. If I never do anything more with my life at least I have the fabulous memories of that wonderful city.

11 July : Best non-fiction read (aka a social media rant) #wpad

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Social Media
Like it or love it, social media is going to be round for some time and if you don’t get on board with it then you’ll just get left behind.

Twitter is my favourite online social networking service and I enjoy reading text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets” by some of my favourite writers, sports personalities and friends.

Quite rightly Twitter has gained worldwide popularity, with over 500 million registered users as of 2012, generating over 340 million tweets daily and handling over 1.6 billion search queries per day.

Why do I enjoy using twitter and it not annoy me as much as Facebook does?

a) It’s so simple to use. Type in the tweet box and send – the only restriction is trying to limit your thought into 140 characters, but you soon get used to chopping words down.

b) You start to feel special once those followers start flooding through. Twitter is the pinnacle of making a person feel popular, appreciated and thankful that people want to follow you. If anybody dares to deny that they check their number of followers on a weekly basis is lying. Follow me @sarahcassidy

c) You make new friends. I’ve made some great new virtual friends through twitter just by following fellow writers like myself. I am hoping to meet a couple of them this year at the London Screenwriters Festival.

d) Twitter gives you an audience and you feel like people are listening to you. People tweet whatever crosses their mind – opinions, comments, jokes, questions and other people respond to it. Katie Hopkins is currently riding an incredible wave following on her twitter as she continues to upset/empower people through her non political-correctness tweets.


I have conflicting relationships with FaceBook.

Thank goodness that facebook wasn’t around when I was spawning out my kids as I am sure I would have become one of those really annoying parents who posts every single baby photograph onto it.

You know the ones – Dexter’s first tooth, Dexter’s first smile, Dexter’s first shitty nappy, Dexter at school, Dexter at sports day, Dexter and his certificate for having his first shitty nappy, Dexter smiling at receiving his first certificate for his first sports day, Dexter asleep, Dexter asleep while holding his certificate etc.

I am no angel and am known to post the odd photo or two if my kids do something amazing, but it will be just the odd photograph or two.

I will post photographs of scrumptious food that is about to consumed in my greedy belly though as that is way more exciting than Dexter’s shitty nappy.

I also will post my holiday photographs though, because firstly I only allow a few people to view them so I won’t annoy the rest of my faceache friends who I don’t know in real life to view them, and secondly given that I lost 7 years of photographs on a hard drive that was irretrievable earlier this year it is always good to have a back up.

I also take holiday photographs specifically for facebook. A photograph a day was last year’s holiday quest and I’ve no doubt I will continue to annoy my friends with it this year too.

And yes, if I am visiting somewhere amazing in the world I will check into it. I really am that annoying.

But, one thing you will never see from me are photos of drunken nights out, being half naked like some people do, bitching about people, feeling sorry for myself, bragging (unless I am checking into a place), bullying others or requesting friends that I don’t speak to in real life (unless they are distant relatives).

The politics around faceache are immense.

A person who ignores me in everyday life will then request me as a friend.

Secondly, the people who are your friends on FB you suddenly find really annoying but you can’t unfriend them because then it gets weird. What would happen if you unfriended a relative? Has anybody actually ever done that? Did they live to update their status the next day?

Thirdly, you end up remaining friends with absolute numpties so that when you are having a bad day a click on their wall makes you feel so much better about yourself. Come on we all have those friends. It’s like watching Jeremy Kyle, you hate it really but you need to watch it every now and again to make you feel glad that you are normal.

Then comes the irritating birthday saga.

The only day you feel popular now is your birthday when everyone will write on your wall. Woah betide that person who didn’t post Happy Birthday on your wall. It’s been noted and don’t think I will be posting a greeting on their wall when it is their birthday.

Then comes the torment you go through on the actual day because the few people who used to telephone you on your birthday don’t anymore.

Back to the rant on how annoying Faceache is. Well it brings out the attention seekers too. You know the ones with the cryptic status’s such as “I am so unhappy” in a desperate bid for people to comment and ask you all about it. Yawn! Then there are those that will write controversial status’s to engage a long conversation on their newsfeed – again maybe they need to feel special?

Facebook seems to attract the racists, sexists, baby bores, stalkers and moany arses. How I would love to go back in time and never sign up for it. I’m no better than most, the only reason I keep it is to play scrabble, candy crush and read the groups that I follow – and of course keep tabs of those status updates for possible characters in any future writing.

The list could go on. On the plus side though it is a great tool for keeping in touch with friends and family overseas. I’ll be staying with in-law relatives soon in USA and Canada and being able to form a relationship prior to meeting them has been beneficial to me. I know a little bit about them before I meet them for the first time which will help with the nerves as I’m not the most talkative person with people that I don’t know.

Rant over folks, I need to update my status and tweet where I will be sunbathing this lunchtime.

This is a post for blog writing challenge. One blog post a day for all of July.

My life and love affair with Facebook

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facebookFacebook can be a real bitch of a site sometimes. I would save so many hours of my week if  I could just deactivate my account once and for all. Delete the app from my phone and iPad and get a life. But then I would have to make an effort and actually talk to people wouldn’t I and how else can I  keep up to date with the gossip.

Oh yeah – I would talk to people again….. (gulp!)

Where else except for The Jeremy Kyle Show could I observe the bizarre behaviours conducted in the public forum. Bitching, moaning, backstabbing, men-haters, a constant stream of baby photos and that one person who updates their friends list on absolutely everything they do – whether it be picking the kids up from school, making a cup of tea, what they are watching on the television and wishing the world of Facebook goodnight. We all have them, those friends that we wish we could delete from our list, but for some perverted reason they just make us feel a whole lot better about our own lives.

It is also the perfect haven for seeing which kids were spoilt rotten on Christmas morning. Oh yes – those parents who overindulged their children had the photograph of  those unopened presents on facebook before the kids got up, and whilst ripping that festive paper into shreds. Dear oh dear me….

A few thoughts that puzzle me about the world of Facebook.

Why do men never rant about how crazy women are on Facebook?

Why do I have to read what my friends are commenting on other people’s status’ now? If it wasn’t all time-consuming keeping up to date with my timeline, now I can see what my friends are commenting and liking elsewhere. Mark Zuckerberg won’t be happy until we are a nation of social media stalkers – will he?

Does anybody really care about relationship status’?

Why are people extra sensitive about status updates. “Ooh the bitch, that one was obviously a dig at me!” etc etc

Stalking is never more apparent. The person who comments or likes your photograph or status only five seconds after you have posted it. facebook like

When did it stop being about how many facebook friends you had, and turned into how many comments you can generate on a post?

And, finally why does it notify me every single time somebody posts a comment which I have previously commented on. Annoying and time-consuming it is, but of course Zuckerberg knows that  I will be reading those comments to check if  I agree or not with what is being written.

I hate it, yet I love it too.

I love it in summer when friends post their photographs from their holidays, and I go green with envy everytime one of my friends visits the Big Apple. When it is my turn, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be posting mine as well. I enjoy reading good news about promotions. engagements, people falling in love, having babies and passing exams.

Yes more falling in love please. It certainly makes up for the moaners on there.

Oh, and by the way – did I say that I am the biggest culprit when it comes to Facebook.

I try not to bitch, comment on everything I see, check the profile page of my son’s latest girlfriend, update when drunk or upset and also to tell the world how much I love my husband and children (errr I think I did that in my last statement right there!). To be fair, I do end up deleting a lot of posts before I hit the send button and open my twitter account instead.

But, I can safely say ( I think) that I have never put Xmas Day present photographs on facebook. There are just some-things (not many these days) which should remain private.

Twitter is a whole separate blog post, but safe to say that I am more obsessive about checking twitter these days than Facebook as I would hate to miss out on a tweet.

Yes Facebook is for friends and family who barely speak to each other, and maybe even dislike somewhat – but Twitter is for the strangers that we grow to love and who amuse us no end.twitter

So “yeah” to social media and I will carry on embracing it until the next thing comes along.

I hope nobody is offended by these comments. A few hundred friends so chances are it may be you*/ is not you * (delete as appropriate).

Linked In though – what is that all about? If anybody knows please enlighten me.

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