Paper or laptop? : Challenge 20 on 20.06.13

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When faced with this choice, I reserve the right to make a choice.

I use both devices and each one for a specific purpose which the other would struggle to fulfil.

Bizarrely when I would write essays in rough by hand when I was studying for my degree. I have absolutely no idea why. But yes, each 3,000 words was carefully scribed by hand first and then typed up on a laptop.

Luckily I don’t have to write essays anymore and the result being that my hands are out of practice somewhat. Writing minutes at work is as manual as I get these days. Although it’s just as well, wearing the less than sexy wrist support when the carpel tunnel syndrome flares up is not a fashion item I wish to wear by choice.notepaper and pen

You do get out of practice with writing though. As a teenager I would spend hours writing letters to my various pen-friends worldwide.

Being a stationery geek, I loved writing on coloured, decorated notepaper and if it had matching envelopes I was in “stationery heaven”.

Nice handwriting pens also make the process of writing such a luxury too. One of my boys has gel pens which I would’ve just adored as a teen. I really am starting to sound quite nerdy now.

Nowadays moleskin notebooks are one of my luxury items which I carry around all of the time. Packed with snippets of conversations, ideas or any other notes that I need to keep, it certainly comes in handy and is less cumbersome than carrying a laptop around.

On the flip side to that, my laptop and ipad are the indulgences which I would prefer to not be without. I couldn’t write scripts by hand. When writing a scene I can hear the characters in my head and there is something magical about hearing the keys tapping on the keyboard as those words are being spoken.photo

Should I be concerned that I have just confessed to hearing voices in my head?

The applications and programmes that come with technology make life simple. What would I do with Microsoft Outlook? If I need husband to go to a parents meeting that I can’t attend I just send him a calendar request and voila. And if he declines, or sets it to tentative I can create a task to kick his backside in approximately an hours time.

And there is colour coding too! There goes the geek in me again.

I won’t even start on the ipad. Watching TV on the go – genius!

So which do you prefer? Please vote on the poll below. Thanks for reading.

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