June writing challenge

2 June 2013 – This month’s aim

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Following on from my previous blog in which I am undertaking http://www.writesofluid.com challenge of blogging every day in June. The site has a specific topic for the writer to scribe about.

The topic for the 2 June 2013 challenge is this month’s aim.

This one will be short and brief.

I have a portfolio for my masters degree due in on the 21 June and I am hoping and praying that I finish that piece of work in time – therefore that is this month’s aim.

The portfolio is a selling document for my idea for a six part comedy drama that I will be writing from September onwards. I have a one page treatment, two page treatment, four page outline, character biographies, the pilot episode and finale episode in step outline format, plus I have to write a two thousand word self-reflective essay on how I found the whole process.

These pieces of work have been produced over the semester, to which I received feedback from my tutor and my peers but now I have to rewrite them following on from the feedback. I know I will do it, but I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to make sure that although I am working on this, that it doesn’t affect the time I spend with my children, or at least I limit how much it affects on time with them.

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