Feedback : Challenge 21

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feedbackAccording to the Oxford Dictionary, feedback is “comments about a product or a person’s performance, used as basis for improvement”.

During the two years of my scriptwriting degree, students would present their scripts to a workshop which was read by various members of the peer group and comments are invited on areas of strength and weakness within the script. Once the peers have provided their comments/suggestions a more detailed feedback is given to the writer from the tutor.
During the two years feedback has been really valuable to me. It has helped me to maximise my writing potential at different stages of developing the story to writing the script, and has raised my awareness of structure, character and plot which is essential in any story.

Writing is an insular activity, and it’s important to know that what I perceive as a story in my head, comes across as I want it to on paper. During the two years on my course I have bonded with certain writers whose work I admire and we have an arrangement to share our and provide comprehensive feedback and ideas to each other. Having a few people read my work has been valuable, as they are able to provide suggestions and constructive criticism to my pages. This has developed me as a writer, and I believe that all feedback should be taken on board.

However, there is always going to be some feedback which isn’t taken. A tutor didn’t like the title of one of my short scripts. I really didn’t want to change it as the title fitted with the story that I was telling, but I had to change it to make sure I got as many marks as I could. However, if anything was to come from that script in the future then it would be pitched with the original title that I gave it.

How do you feel about feedback? Do you welcome it or shy away from exposing your weaknesses?

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