Valentines Day – necessary or nonsense?

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In two weeks time most couples will be giving and receiving cards that say “I Love You”, sending roses and making an effort to be romantic to their other halves.


Valentines Day is approaching and is the one day that you should hold hands and gaze into each others eyes – or so we are told to behave from Hallmark.

Cupid somehow misses my home each year with her bow and arrow. Mister Sass hasn’t sent me a card or gift for years. He has brainwashed me into his way of thinking that we shouldn’t behave a certain way because Clintons tells us we should. It’s how we behave the rest of time that matters.

He has a point. We show each other every day how much we care for each other, so why be specific about it on February 14th?

Or is this something that is important to people in new relationships?

Or is it more of a date for females to celebrate being in a relationship?

I must admit it was nice the first time I ever got a Valentines card (which was from my husband). If I remember rightly, it was more of a relief that I wasn’t the only one from my circle of friends not receiving a card anymore.

The same feelings will remerge when I see facebook statuses telling me of flowers, chocolates, jewellery and cards.  It’ll bother me for all of a few seconds and then I will remember, how  loved I feel the rest of the year.

And, of course I buy Valentines cards every year. My two boys have never had to feel the odd ones out at not receiving a card (wink).