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I thought it was time to write a brief update to follow on from a series of blog entries that I posted last year about collaborative writing.

I joined a Manchester community radio station exactly a year ago after seeing a call out for writers for a new soap that they were launching.

Initially approximately 15 people were at the first session. Everybody was very keen and enthusiastic to get involved in the project. After all, we’re all human ad our very nature is to want to be part of a group with a common interest.

As the weeks passed by the numbers began to dwindle until after three months it became a core team of six, including myself.

We had a list of characters with their own biogs and back story, we had a map of the road and various areas of interest such as a pub, cafe, bistro, farm and garage. Now to come up with a name.

We settled on the name ‘Station Road’ given that our radio station is next door to a train station and the fictional world that is our soap is meant to be local.

The next part was to now start writing the thing.

The team comprises of various writers from short story experts, comedy, theatre writers, novices and me.

Luckily I’d written a radio drama in a group for one of my modules on my masters degree so I was able to share the tools that we used in terms of



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