Farewell Facebook

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Currently I’m experiencing a common 21st Century problem of facebook addiction.

It’s not the site that I’m addicted to, as day by day I find it increasingly annoying but it’s the habit that has incurred since having the app on my phone and tablet.

  • Sitting in the doctors waiting room – check facebook.
  • Sitting on the bus – check facebook.
  • Waiting for a lift – check facebook.
  • Waiting for one of the kids – check facebook.
  • Finish one bit of work – check facebook.

And really, what am I checking for? What am I hoping to see that will add value to my day? Initially it was the newness of social media and reading all about the people you know. That’s how the habit formed. But now?

When it’s not a list of every single product, or video, or photograph that somebody has liked it’s the oversharing attention seeking status’ that make me cringe.

Occasionally there will be a status update from one of the few people whose presence you appreciate online. The ones that have something worthy of noticing, or post something that interests you and they are the reason you don’t de-activate your account. These are few and far between though.

I was going to deactivate my account last year but after having found a couple of writing groups on there decided to stick with it. If only I’d stuck to my guns last year I could have gone through the cold turkey and it be out of my life completely now.

Those writers groups are now not giving me the inclination to keep online as they too perpetually not only annoy me but make me question myself. People posting about how many pages they’ve written today, articles that they find useful that I have to read and it goes on and on.

What I should be doing is spending less time online reading articles about how to write better and actually get on with my writing.

So where has this dilemma left me?

Weaning myself away I think. First step is getting rid of the Facebook app and Messenger off my phone and keeping it off. That should help me lose the habit of checking everytime I have a spare ten seconds.

I’ll give myself a couple of months to unbreak that habit before I have the dilemma of saying goodbye to it for good.

Unless someone can convince me of a valid reason to keep the account. Don’t all shout at once because I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel this way.

Facebook – it was a blast but now it’s time to bid thee farewell.facebook like

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