2015 Year of the Sheep

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I’ve just read the 2014 Happy New Year blog post and it made me laugh.

I think I managed to achieve just one of the goals that I set myself this time twelve months ago and that was passing my masters degree.

Weightwatchers – well I joined and I did lose a stone last year but I’ve probably put that back on towards the end of the year with a decrease in exercise and an increase in baked goods for breakfast = no that’s not me below but if I don’t watch myself it might be………..fat mums

Backing away from Facebook – that lasted a few days and instead of tying myself in guilty knots about it I just accept that it is part of my life. Well, until Mark Zuckerberg starts charging for it.facebook

Buying clothes on payday – I don’t even remember writing that one……haha. Needless to say that it didn’t happen. I’m still happily living in jeans and converse, but after listening to an interview with the uber-cool Mary Anne Hobbs on Womens Hour I am going to embrace the fact that I like feeling comfortable. Hobbs states that she still wears jeans from seventeen years ago because she likes the comfort in them. That’s good enough for super-cool Hobbs then that is good enough for me – I might even get my global hyper-colour t-shirt from the loft and revitalise that.

Therefore for 2015 there shall be no resolutions. Resolutions merely state that there are elements about yourself that you are unhappy with and to be perfectly honest……I’m quite happy in this place that I’ve found myself in.

What about everyone else? Have you made any resolutions?

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