A Level results – a guide for parents

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The past seventy-two hours has been consumed with discussions, media and posts about A-level results.

Tip-top advice for any A-level student who need to know what to expect next with their achieved results.

But what about us parents? The world seems to discard the anguish and anticipation of what we go through during the lead up and on the day of that all important Thursday during August.

My Wednesday nights sleep was disturbed several times as I lay awake hoping that my son will pass his exams. A last minute change of university meant that he was holding out for clearing at a local university. images

I did advise him back in October 2013 to select one university close to home in case he had a change of heart about moving away. As usual, he didn’t listen to me so was left declining all his places and taking his chances in clearing.

I drove him to Sixth Form at 8.00am on Thursday morning and even before we got through the front door I could feel myself getting emotional. I knew I had to keep it together in case the news wasn’t good. Nothing prepares you for that roller-coaster of emotions, it was more nerve-wracking than two months prior when I was waiting to open my results for my Masters degree.

My son’s results were superb but he was a grade away from his first choice of university course. Being adamant that he would resit I left him with his friends and advised him to not completely disregard other courses or universities in the area.

Later in the day he informs me that his chosen university has an even better course that he is interested in and he has the grades to hopefully be offered a place through clearing.

Being laid-back he decides to wait a day to contact them. This is the part that I struggle with. I’m one of these that will get onto things straight away and not chance anything. He’s eighteen though, it’s his future and his life so I had to bite my tongue and offer support when he needed it.

He was offered a place on the course the next day and I was over the moon. The relief I felt was immense as I struggle with anyone having control over members of my family – and yes I know it’s not really strangers having control, but it felt like it.

Again though as a parent you are just thrust into the support role which you have to learn as you go along. Only being able to do so much and hope that your children make the right choices, work hard and succeed in life.

It’s all about the students, quite rightly so but nobody ever asks the parent how they are holding up throughout the stress and strain of exams. For good parents it affects us too so if you’re a young person going through this too – spare a thought for mum and dad.

2 thoughts on “A Level results – a guide for parents

    Heather Walker (@Heather91404743) said:
    August 18, 2014 at 10:14 am

    Congratulations to your son. I know the feeling – my youngest is very laid back. He did choose a Uni close to home and moved in and later that night phoned to say he wanted to come home! I couldn’t believe it as he’s very sociable and I never thought he’d act that way. I said speak to someone, leave it a few days (it was the living there he didn’t like). I’d already gone through all the emotions of leaving him there. The next day he came home. He phoned a friend who had a car and they loaded up his stuff and came back!
    Everyday he had over an hours ride in by bus but he stuck it out for the three years, sometimes he’d come home during the day and go back to play basketball. He said he never regretted leaving rooms. He got his 2.1 degree in Media Arts last year and is a games tester right now. However, he has a girlfriend in Australia so now I’m worried he’ll be off there to live. It never ends….being a mother. The worries just change. Good luck!


      northernscribbler responded:
      August 18, 2014 at 10:20 am

      Thanks for the comment Heather.

      You know exactly what I was going through too. Glad your son did so well in his degree.

      I think if he goes to Australia he may have to see it out longer than an hour ( although how fabulous would that be).

      My son’s uni although local to is is still an hours bus ride away twice a day but fingers crossed he’ll enjoy it.

      I can certainly exhale for a bit now.
      Best wishes


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