A- Z Challenge April 2014

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This month I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Each day of the week (except Sunday which is a day off) requires a blog post for each letter of the alphabet. Today, April 1 is the letter A, tomorrow for April 2 will be B etc.

Having spent the past hour questioning why I do these challenges to myself when indeed there are not enough hours in the day to start with, I then had to choose a topic to focus the blog entries about.

It isn’t in the rules that the entries have to follow a specific theme, but it will keep me keep focused on what I should write about each day.

I decided on two things. Firstly, the month of April is going to be a time of recovery for me as I am about to have a routine surgical procedure at the end of the week. Plenty of time to blog – yes? We’ll see. That brings me to the second thing, why not blog about something which I will look forward to blogging about for this challenge, and something that makes me feel really happy about.

There was only one winner.

My trip to New York City last summer.

So for the next 26 blog entries I will be reliving my amazing five days that I spent in the Big Apple last year, along with some of my favourite photographs. I hope that you will enjoy it.2013-08-05 10.55.00

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