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The majority of women (myself excluded) won’t leave the house if they’re not wearing an inch of fake tan, foundation, lip gloss and mascara – let alone pose in front the camera with no make-up on.

But you cannot fail to notice that in the past twenty-four hours there has been an outbreak of some so-called selfies featuring women wearing no make-up. Well those who are brave enough to do it anyway using the #NoMakeUpSelfie hashtag.

Hour upon hour my timeline was filling up with these photographs and it really got me thinking about whether these images were actually doing anything to raise awareness for Cancer Charities.

After all, it’s easy to jump on the band wagon and post a photograph.

Posing without make-up on is no big deal for me. I wear very little make-up anyway, for two reasons, the first being that I’m just really lazy and cannot be bothered spending time in front of the mirror. The second being that I am quite comfortable in my skin that I don’t need to hide behind any masks (well not yet anyway).

However, I do like to have a bit of a joke so I did cheat a little with my #NoMakeUpSelfie. Therefore totally contradicting my last paragraph about not hiding behind any masks.

But, my selfie would actually encourage raising awareness of cancer by giving the text number of how people can donate. Whether people donate or not is fine with me, but we’ve all probably known somebody who has been affected by cancer in our lives.Selfie

It is a great way to promote such a worthwhile cause, especially as social networking sites can be used negatively these days and it has been reported that cancer charities have seen an increase in donations since yesterday.

I think it’s time for the males to come up with something similar to raise awareness for testicular cancer. Who’s brave enough to come up with that one?

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