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I’ve been thinking about my previous blog post and then decided that actually, last year wasn’t all doom and gloom. Sure, I didn’t write as much in this blog as i wanted to, but quite frankly that’s because I was being so damn fabulous.

Yes I am going to shout out and big myself up….nobody to do it for me!

Last October I got my first broadcasting credit with the BBC for a small piece of writing that I had submitted to their BBC 4 Extra radio show called “Newsjack”. For those that know me, have a look – can you see the credit? Yeah, that’s little old me there. Who’d have thunk it. Newsjack 1

I do have Euroscripts Paul Bassett Davies to thank for that – well a little thank you as I attended his Write for Radio day back in July. He was very encouraging to the group that we should try and get a piece on Newsjack. Well I did – hurray for me.

And then over Christmas Wythenshawe FM played out my Christmas play titled “A Wythenshawe Tale” which my biggest fan my father-in-law called “brilliant”. A Wythenshawe Tale

So, all in all it was a pretty damn fabulous good year.

More to come this year. Watch this space scribblers…..

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