19 July : Can writing be taught? #wpad

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Can writing be taught?

In a nutshell, of course writing can be taught. Otherwise what would be the point of sending our children to school each day if they were not being taught to write.

However, the passion for writing cannot I’m afraid.

I do believe it is either something you are born with or not.

A bit like Maths and Science. You either love those subjects and excel in them, or like me you loathe them and no matter how hard you try you just don’t understand them.

A number of years ago I retook my GCSE Biology as I wanted to be able to have the qualification to apply for teacher training should I have been made redundant. I thought to myself it would be simple, I was studying for a degree so knew that I was bright enough – right? Wrong! I ended up with the same grade that I got in secondary school. Those particular disciplines just don’t come easy to me.

Yet, writing and reading are something that I enjoy so paid particular attention in my English classes at school.

This is a post for http://www.writesofluid.com blog writing challenge. One blog post a day for all of July.

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