5 July : Planned or spontaneous

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Before I even start on this blog post please refer to the following paragraph.spontaneous

Governed by Earth, the Virgo woman is inherently practical, basing her thoughts on reality, not imagination. Sensation and experience are more important than emotion and fantasy to the Virgo woman. The Maiden walks with feet firmly on the ground, stepping gracefully and gently in her sensible reality. Detail oriented, she will be the only person to have brought a tin-opener to a camping cookout, and then offer the china plates – that no one else thought to bring – to serve dinner on. This is a dynamite of a woman, who literally does think of everything. And where would you be without her, is the supporting refrain. Virgo women like systematic approaches and planned routines.

Don’t tell anyone but I am a huge control freak. I totally am, a massive controller of freaky behaviour.

It would please me no end to just drop everything and whisk myself off into an adventure on the spur of the moment, but unfortunately I would suffer with anxiety if I didn’t have a plan of action to follow. Not only will a plan be in place, but there will also be a back up plan in case the plan A’s go tits up.

Writing is the same. As I have mentioned several times in this blog, I love to write dialogue. For me, that is the idea of heaven. But I find that I can’t just start writing dialogue for a character without a structure in place. I therefore begin with a treatment, plot, longer treatment, character biogs and then step outlines for each scene.

Only at that point when I have the step-outline (which I dislike doing) will I then start to write dialogue.

Everything in my life is exactly like my writing and it frustrates the hell out of me. Always planning, then planning for if the plan fails.

I hate to admit it but I am the token Virgo woman, and yes it means there are elements in my life which are slightly mundane. Would I have it any other way? Mmmmm

This is a post for http://www.writesofluid.com blog writing challenge. One blog post a day for all of July.

One thought on “5 July : Planned or spontaneous

    veramark said:
    July 5, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    Have you tried morning pages? I find they help loosening up the control freak in me (which is pretty strong as well – I know what you’re writing about!).


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