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This is one of those answers that will change on a daily basis. Having something as favourite this or favourite that changes depending on how you feel, and being able to remember them all.

Having seen many films over the years, for this blog entry I will mainly recollect those characters that have stood out for me for one thing or another.


“Why is he my friend, because he knows my first name? Roger sold dope to kids. The world is a better place without him. This man was the biggest major violator in Los Angeles. This is the game. I’m playing his ass. That’s my job. That’s your job”.
alonso harris

Why is Alonso Harris possible the greatest villain in a movie? He is driven throughout the film by control. He must control the rules, control his partner, control his friends, control his enemies and even control the odds that he will be caught breaking the law. Anyone, including his rookie partner who refuses to comply with his orders, will be sliding down a slippery slope of self-serving “justice.” Alonso is like a time bomb waiting to explode and the first time I saw this movie I really did not see how Officer Hoyt was going to make it alive from that bath. Harris’s arrogant swagger enforces intimidatation as a distraction when his scheme of swindling his gambling debts look like it is the end for him.<a


“Isn’t it the first cardinal rule of perm maintenance that you are forbidden to wet your hair for at least 24 hours after getting a perm at the risk of deactivating the ammonium thioglycolate”

Elle Woods starts out in the film as naïve, and underestimated even by herself. People around her assume that she is a dumb Pollyanna character, but unknown to them she is tested by fire and change. They presume that being bubbly and sweet means that this is stupid.
elle woods


“Those of you lucky enough to have your lives, take them with you. However, leave the limbs you’ve lost. They belong to me now”.

Anyone who can slay the crazy 88 and still be standing deserves to be recognised as a great movie character. And it’s even sweeter that the character is a strong, kick-ass female who pulled off the fight of her life, while dressed in a replica Bruce Lee “Game of Death” outfit and donning her Hattori Hanzo samurai sword. Avenging the brutal attack on her wedding day which left her in a four-year coma and without child sparked Kiddo on a crazy, rampage of revenge.
kill bill

“If you speak my name, I vanish. What am I? Silence”

Guido is a Jewish waiter who, with his friend, is traveling through the beautiful Italian countryside to a small town . Guido is essentially a bit of a clown, but is a hopeless romantic. He uses light hearted humour to get his son though the days in a nazi death camp, inventing games that his son believes are all part of staying in the camp.
The son is told by Guido that the Germans will award a prize to the winner of the “game.” The courage and determination to make good from a bad situation and in the end sacrificing himself make this character stand out for me. He is the epitome of a good father with strong family values.


“You want it? You gotta work for it”.

So technically not from a movie but I like this character so much that I had to include it. Jackie Peyton is a strong-willed, but spectacularly flawed New York City nurse who juggles her life in a busy hospital with an equally challenging personal life. With an addiction to pain killers and conducting an affair with the hospital pharmacist, I love this character as she depicts normality but will bend the rules to provide justice. I would love to have Jackie as my best friend, she is both interesting, witty and you would want her on your side.
Nurse Jackie


“Yo asshole! This motha’ fucka’s dead. Ain’t no Chris Angel Mindfreak, David Blane trapdoor horse shit jumpin’ off here!”

Kirk Lazarus, is a white A-list actor who undergoes a medical procedure in order to change his skin colour to match his character inside of the movie within this movie. Kirk holds nothing back as the Sergeant and the comedy is that the character then begins to develop black pride which is hilarious. A complex, yet simple character who really makes the film iconic.
Kirk Lazarus


“I find your lack of faith disturbing”

In a nutshell, Darth Vader gave me nightmares as a child. He was the ultimate villain as far as my ten-year old self was concerned. The most disappointing story for me was that the demise of Vader was all down to his obsession with losing his supposed “love” which drove him to the darkside. I wanted it to be something far more sinister than that.<a


“If you’re good at something, never do it for free”

The Joker is the definition of pure evil. Arguably a psychopath but with a brilliant criminal mind. Who can forget the trick with the disappearing pencil which set his character up amazingly during the Dark Knight. The contrast between himself and Batman can cause arguments into which one of them is actually the true villain. Stereotypically we view villains as dressed in black, low voices, menacing and manipulating. The Joker wears clown makeup, is witty, funny and is trying to cause havoc in Gotham. Of course the reason that this character worked so well was also down to the Oscar performance by Heath Ledger.

the joker
There are a few of my favourite movie characters, what about you? Have you any favourites and what is it that you enjoy about them?

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