Optimum Atmosphere – Challenge 10 in blog writing for June challenge

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The next blog writing challenge is about optimum atmosphere.

I could delve back into my “raving” days where every weekend I would be part of a gathering of like-minded individuals who were all congregated for the same goal of dancing till the early hours of the morning and feeling euphoric. But we change as we get older and so do our preferences.

My optimum atmosphere is anywhere that my kids and husband are. I like nothing better than us all sitting together watching television in the same room, or listening to them singing in the shower, spending time outdoors as a family and long car journeys where we can all sing along (that doesn’t happen much due to varying tastes in music), but when something comes on the radio that we all like I just sit back and listen.

It doesn’t happen as much these days as we all seem to be busy and in different places, but I cherish those moments when they do arise.

This is a post for http://www.writesofluid.com’s blog writing challenge. One blog post a day for all of June – I’m behind already but determined to catch up #wpad

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