Advice to newbies – challenge 8

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The only advice I would ever give to another writer would be to

1) write everyday
2) Listen to any constructive feedback that you receive.

The second piece of advice I can do with ease. At first it is very difficult to share your work, let alone allow anyone to critique it. But like everything in life, the more you do something and come out of your comfort zone the easier it becomes.

Writing everyday is something that I find difficult at times. I enjoy putting words into a script, or on a notebook, but life can get in the way. It would be fantastic to be able to work part-time and write during my days off, but the reality of a mortgage and bills to pay can sometimes cause havoc with the dream. Take the past ten days, work is extremely hectic and I have worked long hours as the university I work at is in the middle of exam boards.

My priority is to make sure that my students have been awarded their degrees so that they can attend the graduation ceremony next month. This involves early starts, late finishes and the last thing I want to do when I am exhausted is to the switch on the laptop no matter how much I enjoy writing.
Hence, I am very much behind on this June writing challenge.

I’ll catch up though. I hope.

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