Favourite fictional character – Day 4 of the June challenge

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One thing I loved about primary school was that half an hour at the end of the day when the class would read a novel together. It may be a thing of the past now in primary schools, but it certainly cemented my love of stories and books. The teacher would hand out parts, she would read the non-dialogue part of the story and if you were a competent reader then you would be given a part.

When we read Watership Down I played the part of Hazel, the lead rabbit in the story. But, from the start of the book I wanted to be Bigwig. Bigwig

Bigwig is the large, strong rabbit and has a distinct tuft of hair. Not only does Bigwig look different from the other rabbits, he is fearless, a great leader and friend, and he also has a sense of humour. On the arrival of General Woundwort into the story, I found myself feeling fearful for those main characters, but surprisingly always felt safe as reader whenever Bigwig was around. He is such a courageous character and will often put himself in harm’s way to protect the others around him. For those characteristics alone, he is one of my favourite fictional characters.

It was many years ago that I read that book with my classmates, but I’ll always be fond of it, and Bigwig was one of the first characters that I became aware of and I remember never wanting the bell to ring, so I could find out whether he survived the wrath of Woundwort.

Bigwig v Woundwort

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