My life and love affair with Facebook

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facebookFacebook can be a real bitch of a site sometimes. I would save so many hours of my week if  I could just deactivate my account once and for all. Delete the app from my phone and iPad and get a life. But then I would have to make an effort and actually talk to people wouldn’t I and how else can I  keep up to date with the gossip.

Oh yeah – I would talk to people again….. (gulp!)

Where else except for The Jeremy Kyle Show could I observe the bizarre behaviours conducted in the public forum. Bitching, moaning, backstabbing, men-haters, a constant stream of baby photos and that one person who updates their friends list on absolutely everything they do – whether it be picking the kids up from school, making a cup of tea, what they are watching on the television and wishing the world of Facebook goodnight. We all have them, those friends that we wish we could delete from our list, but for some perverted reason they just make us feel a whole lot better about our own lives.

It is also the perfect haven for seeing which kids were spoilt rotten on Christmas morning. Oh yes – those parents who overindulged their children had the photograph of  those unopened presents on facebook before the kids got up, and whilst ripping that festive paper into shreds. Dear oh dear me….

A few thoughts that puzzle me about the world of Facebook.

Why do men never rant about how crazy women are on Facebook?

Why do I have to read what my friends are commenting on other people’s status’ now? If it wasn’t all time-consuming keeping up to date with my timeline, now I can see what my friends are commenting and liking elsewhere. Mark Zuckerberg won’t be happy until we are a nation of social media stalkers – will he?

Does anybody really care about relationship status’?

Why are people extra sensitive about status updates. “Ooh the bitch, that one was obviously a dig at me!” etc etc

Stalking is never more apparent. The person who comments or likes your photograph or status only five seconds after you have posted it. facebook like

When did it stop being about how many facebook friends you had, and turned into how many comments you can generate on a post?

And, finally why does it notify me every single time somebody posts a comment which I have previously commented on. Annoying and time-consuming it is, but of course Zuckerberg knows that  I will be reading those comments to check if  I agree or not with what is being written.

I hate it, yet I love it too.

I love it in summer when friends post their photographs from their holidays, and I go green with envy everytime one of my friends visits the Big Apple. When it is my turn, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be posting mine as well. I enjoy reading good news about promotions. engagements, people falling in love, having babies and passing exams.

Yes more falling in love please. It certainly makes up for the moaners on there.

Oh, and by the way – did I say that I am the biggest culprit when it comes to Facebook.

I try not to bitch, comment on everything I see, check the profile page of my son’s latest girlfriend, update when drunk or upset and also to tell the world how much I love my husband and children (errr I think I did that in my last statement right there!). To be fair, I do end up deleting a lot of posts before I hit the send button and open my twitter account instead.

But, I can safely say ( I think) that I have never put Xmas Day present photographs on facebook. There are just some-things (not many these days) which should remain private.

Twitter is a whole separate blog post, but safe to say that I am more obsessive about checking twitter these days than Facebook as I would hate to miss out on a tweet.

Yes Facebook is for friends and family who barely speak to each other, and maybe even dislike somewhat – but Twitter is for the strangers that we grow to love and who amuse us no end.twitter

So “yeah” to social media and I will carry on embracing it until the next thing comes along.

I hope nobody is offended by these comments. A few hundred friends so chances are it may be you*/ is not you * (delete as appropriate).

Linked In though – what is that all about? If anybody knows please enlighten me.

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