Modern Romance

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Call me old fashioned but I believe there is a certain etiquette which should be followed in the world of dating. The etiquette being that verbal communication is king and only the weak hide behind texting and messaging.

However, the use of social media and instant messaging has changed how we interact with each other and particularly with the opposite sex.

I recall in my dating days actually phoning boyfriends up and talking verbally on the phone. To me, it was always nice to hear a voice on the end of the telephone. Nowadays, it is all about texting and blackberry messaging as the preferred form of communication.

Okay so its been quite a while since I actually dated, having been in a relationship for many years. And yes, I do text and email the husband throughout the day. However, if we ever spend time apart with work or through leisure we always make sure that we have a voice to voice conversation every day.

My teenage son has reached the age where he is now dating different girls. I don’t think he has ever phoned any of his girlfriends up to have a conversation with them, but he always has his blackberry in his hand.

The other week, he wanted to finish the current relationship that he was in and asked for my advice on how to do it.

Not claiming to be an expert on such matters, I did try and make sure that he did what I considered to be the right way of doing it, which was to see the girl face-to-face to end it. I believe that dumping someone by text or instant messaging is bad manners and a cowards way out of a situation. Apparently its common place to do this, and maybe I am just old-fashioned and need to get up to speed.

Maybe he’s right and face-to-face verbal communication will be a thing of the past.

He did however, try to undertake my method after messaging the girl to meet up that evening. She must have sensed something was wrong and messaged back stating that If he was going to dump her, she would rather he did it over text.

Thus, maybe my old-fashioned views should stay where they belong – back in the 90s.

One thought on “Modern Romance

    becomingcliche said:
    November 29, 2011 at 3:05 am

    Cell phones are seriously impacting how humans relate to one another. Ugh! I don’t even own one. I can’t imagine getting dumped via text.


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