Too old for Radio 1?

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I’m getting into this blogging lark again.

I am thinking of setting myself a challenge of writing everyday in it next year – at the moment it is purely a thought as trying to do that, plus a masters degree and a full-time job may be a tad difficult at times. So we’ll see.

Anyway today was a revelation at work.

Apparently I am too old to be listening to Radio 1!  This wasn’t said to me by someone trying to wind me up and I wasn’t upset by this. But I was somewhat gutted by the revelation!

Am I really too old to be listening to Radio 1? Do I really fit into the Radio 2 listener demographic? After doing some research on the interweb, she is right. Radio 1 is aimed at screenagers (under 25s). How the hell did I not know that? I have been indulging in Moyles, Coxy and Mills way past my sell-by date.

Well I have a good enough excuse – I have a teenage son and it’s important to be “down with the kids”. I’m not quite ready to fully embrace Ken Bruce and Jeremy Vine just yet.

I did listen to Chris Evans a lot earlier this year on my drive to work. I liked his music and the discussions that he had on the show. At the time I was finding Moyles to be really irritating, so after being an avid listener for the past five years I decided to ditch Moyles for Evans.

However, the fall-out was only temporary and I have started listening to Moyles again on my commute on the tram into Salford every day. I think he has got better, less of an ego – and I find “Comedy” Dave to be anything but funny. However, they have great guests on the show, and thoroughly enjoyed the recent interviews with Gary Barlow, Gino Fantastico “nob nob”  and today’s interview with Steven Merchant and Warwick Davies.

So, how many years can I get away with being a Radio 1 listener? Who knows……

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