Rise up and prevail Manchester

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I am sat here watching Sky News, waiting for new information and hoping that my glorious city can be saved.


I was hoping that this wonderful city could stand up and be different from London, Liverpool and Birmingham. After all, we spent years rebuilding after the bomb of 1996 to make it the vibrant, exciting city that it is today.

Sadly, most of these thugs probably were not even born when we were hit by the bomb. They have no idea what goes into working hard and building something from scratch.

All they seem to care about is their MTV gangsta culture of fast cars, plenty of bling, mobile phones, designer clothes and shoes. They model themselves on Rihanna and Kanye West and embrace the “reality TV star”.

They have probably never learnt to read or write, had any role models growing up, engaged in sports, had a stable family life or done a days work in their lives. 

These are the minority of young people who give other young people a bad name. The ones who think it is okay to set fire to people’s businesses and homes, who think they have the right to steal from the hard working trader.

I have watched in disgust tonight as my city is once again pulled to pieces. However, this is nothing political (these thugs probably have no idea about politics) – it is just pure greed and a thirst for being on TV and on social networking sites.

This generation are the by-product of the boom of the single parent in the 1990s who would get pregnant to get a council house They have no solid family life, no morals, no dignity and have been dragged up rather than raised to be respectable.

I have been glued to Facebook and Twitter myself tonight and everybody is united in the disgust in this behaviour. The decent people want the army to be moved in and the TV cameras turned off while the army does their work.

For all decent youngsters – thank you for not joining in with this thuggery and hopefully the hardworking, decent part of society will prevail.

I heart Manchester.

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