Beware of the windtakers

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Since turning 30 and actually growing to like the person that I have become, I set myself challenges each year that I strive to complete. I hate failure and not completing things that I have started, something I quite often did in my teens and twenties. Like a lot of people I know, I would talk the talk but couldn’t actually walk the walk. So, I spent most of my late teens and early to mid-twenties never being challenged or being brought out of my comfort zone.

I have done a great deal of things to conquer fear, learn skills etc which I am sure I will be sharing in this blog over the months. However, this year I decided to start running again.  I have tried this a few times but like a lot of people I found it very difficult and hated every second of it. I was also in physical pain as I was a good stone and a half heavier so when I say it hurt my knees like mad I wasn’t kidding. Those extra pounds certainly make a huge difference!

Anyway this time round I have got a fantastic trainer – an iPhone app which calculates my route, keeps a log of all runs, times and calories burned. At the end of the run there is either Lance Armstrong or Paula Radcliffe telling me at the end how great I have done in that session. It really helps with the motivation and after each run I can post it to Facebook and Twitter with any comments.

And boy do the comments start appearing on Facebook. A few positive ones, but I was surprised to receive negative ones.

“your mad! I would rather spend 6 miles in my car”

“I am just opening a box of Pringles and sitting on my arse”

“madness woman”

“it’s freezing outside…how can you be bothered”

So,why do people feel the need to try to put someone down who is trying to do something to make themselves feel better?

Ten years ago I would have listened to them, but now they just make me want to run harder and faster.

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